DIY Feather Headband

Materials for feather headband

If you are in the mood for carnival, but don’t have an idea or time to do a mask, here is a quick DIY instruction to make a cute feather headband, also totally appropriate for festivals and other awesome occasions.

You will need:

-feathers on a strip (or just feathers, but you’ll need more time to glue them together)
-fabric or trims with nice patterns
-glue and scissors of course 🙂
-sewing machine (but you could sew those few stitches by hand also)

Felt 20 x 3 cm
First, I cut felt to pieces approximately 20 x 3 cm, to make a base, where I later glued the feathers. I sewed on elastic on edges, to make a head band that’s easy to put on.

Glue on feltFeather one lineFeather fluffy two lines
Then I glued feather strip on a felt, first one layer of feathers, and then another one, slightly above the first one. That makes feathers fuller and fluffier. It’s sooo fluffy <3 You can put more layers if you want.

Pink feather and fabric
Somewhere I put the second layer of feathers just in the middle, to make a headband fuller in the middle. Depends on how the feathers look like.
Then I cut fabric on approximate size as felt, just big enough to cover the satin ribbon on feathers, and glued it on.

Stitched at the end
As you can see, I made stitches on both sides of fabric, through the felt and everything together, just to make sure it stays there 🙂
You can also use different trims, ribbons, make some of your patterns with friendship bracelets or embroidery, stones… But I guess it’s the fastest way with fabric.

Feather headbands 2Feather headbands 1
I really enjoyed making those feather headbands, I made 7 in two hours =) I’d probably make some more, but I ran out of feathers 😀
For any questions feel free to contact me.

Have fun 😉
Feather headband collection 2016

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