Bubalina Handbags

December is finally here, and I’m totally into buying gifts, for myself 😀
Recently I’ve got myself a cute little cosmetic bag from Bubalina Handbags. It’s just the right size to fit in all the important stuff I need everyday, it’s in my favorite colors, black and white, and has one of the patterns I really like, chevron 🙂

Impressive. Creative. Fun.

Bubalina is nice, loving, funny and very creative person, she is very precise and has an eye for details, so her products are really beautifully made.
She has been creative from her early age, started sewing and knitting when she was a little girl. She found her love in creating handbags. Her designs are upgrading with every new collection, she is finding new materials and learning new techniques.

Bubalina products

Bubalina products are impressive, creative, visible and never boring, because she uses a lot of bright colors and strong contrasts. She makes all the products by hand, with a lot of love.
You can find Bubalina Handbags on this pages: Bubalina Etsy Shop, Facebook, Instagram and Bubalina webpage.

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