My name is Eva and I am a fashion designer. A few years ago I launched a clothing brand Evita, which was inspired by strong, confident and independent women. The collections were focused on unique, simple ready-to-wear designs. But while working and constantly researching and exploring, I’ve realized I like so many other styles and things, that I couldn’t just focus on one. I’ve put Evita on side for a while, to keep researching and brainstorming to find my real niche.
Why Design x Travel?
Design is my first love, I wanted to be a fashion designer since i was 8-9 years old, and before that I wanted to be a painter.
I really enjoy and appreciate all kind of art, architecture, photography, sculptures, graphics, paintings,…I want to discuss about all that amazing things but also show some of my designs, random ideas I get and want to make it asap 🙂 , I will also include some DIY crafts and stuff you can do by yourself.
Travel is my second love, sometimes I just want to focus on destination, sometimes it’s all about the journey.
I am really a fan of the sea and sun, but i also enjoy the countryside, cities, mountains… I love to see different cultures and people, love to try their traditional foods, and mostly I want to be active on my vacations.
Sometimes I think I have a really good orientation, but sometimes I just get lost and then the adventures begin. And after several years of travelling, I still don’t now how to properly pack, I always pack too much or even too little.
I want to show you my adventures, write some tips and ideas, and maybe even finally learn to pack 🙂